Marco Quaggiotto - Knowledge cartography: representation strategies for the new territories of science

Research Fellow, Communication Design Research Unit, INDACO Dept. Politecnico di Milano, Italy --- Complex Networks and Systems Group, ISI Foundation, Turin, Italy.

In the past decades, epistemological and technological changes have deeply transformed the dynamics of knowledge and science. Knowledge thus assumes the structure of an heterogeneous space, consisting of physical and digital resources, both textual and human, in permanent evolution.
While a new paradigm fo knowledge is being defined, the tools and methodologies for its representation are still missing. In this context we propose a possible ‘cartographic’ rethoric for the representaion of current scenarios: a collection of semantic, social and cultural operations that transform the territories of science in different maps that aim to show the interconnection of its composing entities, the paths that develop, the thematic and transdisciplinary domains that emerge.

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